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Dental plaque in Emerson

Emerson best dentist
Emerson best dentist

Dental plaque causes tooth decay and the cavities that result from it. This sticky, invisible film also is responsible for gum disease. At the practice of DiBona & Scamardella Dental Studio, we are focused on preventing the consequences of dental plaque on your oral health.

Since sugar and starch are catalysts in the development of plaque in your mouth, it makes sense to follow a nutritious diet and limit your consumption of items with sugar and starch in them. Brush your teeth when you wake up, and then again when you go to bed. Proper technique makes a big difference. If you’re not certain that you are brushing as efficiently as possible, ask our Emerson best dentist. The same is true for flossing, which should also be done at bedtime each night. Your at-home oral hygiene is designed to eliminate dental plaque, though some may escape your reach or hide out in gum pockets. If so, it will turn into tartar, which is a hard and crusty form of plaque. The only way to dispense with tartar is to see our Emerson best dentist two times per year. During your visit, you will get a teeth cleaning, the point of which is to eradicate any tartar buildup along with residual plaque. As a side benefit, if you are exhibiting any signs of gingivitis, early stage gum disease, a teeth cleaning reverses the effects, which are typically redness and irritation. Later stage gum disease, periodontitis, is associated with inflammation, infection, receding gums, loss of gum and bone tissue, and other alarming symptoms. Preventive care at our office is the best way to avoid them. And you’ll not only make future cavities less likely, but get any existing ones filled promptly before they grow large enough to put you at risk of a toothache or infection.

Don’t put it off. Call us now and set up an appointment to see our Emerson best dentist for your six month exam and cleaning.

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