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Cosmetic dentures in Emerson

Dentures serve a critical role in how you feel about your appearance. When you have several missing teeth or even all of them on one of your jaws, you may end up feeling awkward about opening your mouth to smile, speak, laugh, chew, or even yawn. There’s no reason you have to endure that, because cosmetic dentures here at DiBona & Scamardella Dental Studio give you back a full set of teeth and the confidence that comes with it.

There are two types of our Emerson dentures: partial and complete. As you probably surmised, partials are used when you only need to restore a few teeth, while complete replace all of them on the upper or lower arch. Either way, the process of getting them is very similar. First, you come in for an examination and consultation so that you can decide if you want to move forward. Our cosmetic dentist takes impressions of your gums and they are given to the dental lab. There, your dentures are expertly made to the highest standards of accuracy and precision. They are constructed on a plastic base, colored to match your gums. On top of the base are your new prosthetic teeth; whatever number is appropriate. Partials also have clasps on each side for further support. You attach them to the teeth on either side. The entire denture is surrounded by a metal structure for durability. They’re removable, so when you wear them, you will apply dental adhesive between the denture and your gums. With just a little bit of effort, you’ll find it easy to grow accustomed to them.

Get our Emerson dentures and say goodbye to that empty space where natural teeth used to be. Just reach out to our office and let us schedule you for a convenient time to come in for a consultation.

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