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Dental plaque in Staten Island

Staten Island best dentist
Staten Island best dentist

Tooth decay and gum disease represent continual threats to your oral wellness, and both are caused by dental plaque. We at DiBona & Scamardella Dental Studio are committed to combining sound at-home strategies with your visits twice per year to our Staten Island best dentist to keep your teeth and gums safe from the consequences of plaque.

Among the effects that dental plaque can bring about are the erosion of tooth enamel to form cavities, and redness and irritation of the gums, key signs of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. And that is just for starters. Sugar is linked to increased formation of plaque, so try to keep limits on how much you eat and drink. Watch for sneaky sources, such as in condiments like ketchup, salad dressings, and even packaged soups. Brushing twice per day is key. Do so when you first wake up, and then again before bed. For that late night brushing, include vigorous flossing to dislodge food particles and to remove sticky plaque from between teeth, and at the gum line. Whatever dental plaque is not removed will eventually harden into tartar, which can only efficiently be addressed by a teeth cleaning. You’ll get the benefits of one when you come in to see our Staten Island best dentist every six months for a complete dental exam. Keep in mind that the cavities you may have right now will only grow larger if you do not have them filled in a timely manner. When that happens, toothaches, infections, root canal, and even extractions can follow. Likewise, while six month teeth cleanings actually halt the progress of early stage gum disease and reverse its effects, skipping your cleaning can result in receding gums, bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, and other alarming indications of later stage gum disease.

Call us now to arrange an appointment with our Staten Island best dentist. Don’t let dental plaque cause you undue harm.

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